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Terms and Conditions

  1. When booking with us, or through any agent or Online Travel Agent (OTA’s), you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.
  2. We live 3 kilometers from the accommodation. We are here to help you enjoy your holiday as much as possible.  Please let us know immediately if you are unhappy with anything during your stay, so we can try and rectify as early as possible.  No refunds will be given for any matter not brought to our attention during your stay.
  3. Reservation and cancellation rules – When booking directly, our standard policy requires a 30% deposit of the total amount. €25 is non-refundable and covers administrative costs and costs of remarketing. The remaining balance must be paid 14 days before arrival. If the reservation is canceled more than 30 days before arrival, we will refund you 30% less €25. If the reservation is canceled less than 30 days before arrival, no refund will be issued. For last-minute bookings (up to 14 days before arrival), full payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable. The reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a confirmation email and voucher.
    Gift Vouchers – Gift vouchers are considered as a partial advance payment and are taken into account as an amount or value in the final reservation calculation. When making a reservation, it is necessary to send the Gift Voucher to the accommodation provider at the address: Martin Šeberle, Velika Dolina 22, 8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem, Slovenia. Upon receipt of the Gift Voucher, the provider confirms the reservation.
  4. Trip Cancellation Insurance – Important Notice: Please note that if you or any member of your travel group are unable or unwilling to travel for any reason, whether due to illness or other circumstances, you will not be eligible for a refund. We strongly encourage all our guests to purchase travel cancellation insurance immediately after booking. Trip cancellation insurance can typically be arranged directly with your insurance provider. This insurance provides coverage in case you need to cancel your trip due to specific reasons and offers you additional protection in case of unexpected situations.
  5. For OTA’s bookings, please refer to the cancellation policy, payment and time of arrival on your reservation confirmation.
  6. In the event of a no show or booking reduction (after arrival date) the full cost of the booking is charged. If you have booked on a non refundable rate, no refunds will be given.  We advise all guests to take out travel insurance immediately after booking.
  7. We understand that accidents can happen.  Please let us know of any breakages, loss of keys or damage as soon as it occurs.  You are liable for the cost of any damage and loss of keys (€25 per set). By letting us know of any damage or loss as soon as it occurs, we can try to minimise this cost with you. Guests are responsible for property in the building during their stay. The damage caused will be confirmed by the owner and must be paid by the guests at the discretion of the owner. Report any defect immediately to the owner at +38641416920.
  8. Mandatory additional costs: tourist and promotional tax for adults is € 2.50 per person per night. For children aged 7 to 17, the tourist and promotional tax is € 1.25 per person per night. Payment is made in cash upon arrival, unless you have already arranged this before arrival.
  9. Slovenia has laws requiring all guests to register with local authorities. This will be done by the accommodation upon arrival, and your registration will be forwarded to the local authorities. If we are unable to greet you personally upon arrival, or if your arrival is very late or via self check-in, you will need to provide scanned copies of personal documents or passports for all guests before arrival. These documents should include name, date of birth, gender, nationality, document type, and document number.
  10. The total price includes apartment rental, final cleaning, private parking space, unlimited use of Wi-Fi, use of bed linen, towels and their washing / drying / ironing, all cleaners, toilet paper, used electricity and water, cot, private washer-dryer washing machine, private outdoor grill, shared open fireplace in the garden and pet.
  11. Additional linen and towels are available upon request at no additional charge.
  12. The cost of final cleaning will not be charged to you. However, we expect you to leave the apartment in the same condition as upon arrival. We reserve the right to charge for additional cleaning if necessary. The cost of interim cleaning is €30, available upon request and for longer stays, after each week of stay.
  13. Minimum stay – Our standard minimum stay is 2 nights. This may vary depending on the season. There is a 30% surcharge for single-night stays.
  14. The house is non smoking throughout.  Guests are allowed to smoke on the balcony.  If it is believed that guests have smoked in the apartments you will be asked to leave immediately and will be liable to a charge of €200 for deep cleaning.
  15. Dogs older than 9 months can be allowed on request – a maximum of 2 dogs per unit, at no extra cost. Dogs should not be left in the apartment on their own.
  16. We have a travel baby cot available for use by guests, for your convenience.  If you request to use this, it is at your own risk.  Please check you are happy that it is safe and has been put up correctly. We are not responsible for any accidents or incidents due to the use of the baby cot.
  17. We ask you to be respectful of other guests, and our neighbours.  Any excessive noise, or disruptive behaviour may result in asking for you to leave, without refund.
  18. Check-in is from 4pm – 11pm and check-out is by 10am. We don’t have a room available to leave your luggage and change if you are arriving or leaving outside of these times. Please enquire about this service.
  19. If possible, early / late check-in and late check-out are possible on request. The additional cost is 15€ outside the official check-in / check-out hours.
  20. A self-check-in system and independent entry into the apartment is possible by prior arrangement. The door is opened with a key that is in a box in front of the front door. You will receive the access code by email and/or mobile phone number before your arrival, as we do not meet on site.
  21. During your stay we reserve the right to enter the accommodation at any time for reasonable purpose (housekeeping, watering flowers, maintenance or repairs, inspection).
  22. Maximum occupancy limits are strictly enforced. If maximum occupancy is exceeded, you may be required to check out immediately without refund or adjustment.
  23. Netflix – subscription video streaming service is provided free of charge in all apartments.
  24. Streaming services – When you access your own streaming services through our Smart TVs, e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube, it remains your responsibility to ensure that you log out of your account when you leave the accommodation. If you forget to do this, we cannot undertake to do this on your behalf and we will not be responsible for any subsequent charges you may be charged in the event of use by subsequent guests. You should be able to log out of all devices remotely by changing your password.
  25. WiFi – Wireless broadband internet is normally available in our apartments, but we will not be liable for loss of this service due to connection, environmental or human error, and if service support fails to respond in a timely manner. For these reasons, wireless broadband is not a contractual provision when renting an apartment. We assume no responsibility for any damage to your computer or the data on it, nor for the security of data transmitted over the Internet. Guests are responsible for protecting their computers against data loss, unauthorized access or viruses.
  26. Additional Massage Services and Accommodation Package Offers:
    (a) We offer various types of massages, including a combination of traditional Thai massage and oil massage (90 minutes), Thai aroma massage (60 minutes), Thai back massage (30 minutes), and reflexology foot massage (50 minutes).
    (b) Massages are performed by certified masseuses under contract. The masseuses are professionally trained and also practice massage as their own profession.
    (c) Massage services are available as standalone offerings or as part of seasonal accommodation packages.
    (d) Reservation of massage and/or accommodation package appointments depends on the availability of the masseuse and the vacant slots in the accommodation schedule.
    (e) The reservation of a massage session or accommodation package is confirmed upon payment by the customer. Confirmation will be communicated via phone call, message, and email.
    (f) In the event that the massage therapist is unable to provide massage services due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or other unpredictable situations, we reserve the right to reschedule appointments or refund payments for the affected service. Our goal is to ensure the best experience for our guests, but unexpected situations beyond our control may arise.
  27. Special Offers for Full-Day Bathing and Sauna Visits at Term Paradiso and Accommodation Packages:
    (a) In accordance with the agreement with Term Paradiso in Dobova, we offer special benefits to our guests when booking full-day bathing services. We provide full-day bathing for adults, including pool access, and full-day bathing for children (ages 4-14) at a special rate.
    (b) Additionally, we offer a 3-hour usage of saunas and FKK pools for those seeking extra relaxation.
    (c) The range of services at Term Paradiso is also an integral part of our various accommodation packages.
    (d) In the event that Term Paradiso is temporarily closed due to maintenance work, unforeseen events, or other circumstances preventing service access, we do not assume responsibility for any resulting consequences. We also reserve the right to modify the prices and terms of Term Paradiso services, subject to their internal policies. Any such changes will be communicated to our guests in a timely manner.
    (e) If the price of services at Term Paradiso changes after your reservation, we will inform you of any alterations prior to the service execution. While we strive to provide the best possible experience for our guests, circumstances may change due to unforeseen reasons.
  28. You can view offers of all accommodation packages at the following link:
  29. Discounts related to accommodation packages are mutually exclusive: We would like to inform you that our accommodation packages already include special discounts and benefits that are an integral part of the entire package. Therefore, discounts included in our VIP list do not accumulate with package discounts. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum value for your money, which is why we have already included the best advantages and services in our packages. Thank you for your understanding.
  30. You can view all the benefits available during your stay at the following link:
  31. The road to the property leads through hilly surroundings. The base of the parking space is sand, and the road to the house and parking lot can be icy and snowy in the winter months. Please make sure you are properly prepared for weather safety measures. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or inconvenience incurred as a result.
  32. Families with children are welcomed!  No matter how much care is taken, the apartment and the house can never be completely childproof.  The owners cannot be held responsible for any accidents occurring within the apartment or the grounds of the house.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are safe and supervised at all times.
  33. We do everything necessary to keep all equipment in the apartment in good working order.  However, it is impossible to guarantee that all appliances, facilities, public utilities, etc. will be in working order at all times.  We endeavour to correct reported problems, within the realms of our control, as quickly as possible.  No refunds will be granted for maintenance or utility supply problems.
  34. Each unit has the option of using its own BBQ with all equipment, table and seats free of charge. Use of the outdoor open fireplace with benches in the garden is free and intended for shared use. Guests are asked to use these facilities and accessories with extreme care to avoid fire.
  35. We do not accept responsibility for money, jewelry, securities and other items kept by guests in apartments and cars.
  36. Electric Cars – Unfortunately we do not have a facility to charge electric cars, and for safety and insurance purposes, no charging of electric cars is allowed on the property.  The nearest electric car charger is in Čatež ob Savi.
  37. It is understood that the guest agrees to the general terms and conditions of the rental when making an online booking and when making a check-in at the accommodation.
  38. We hope you enjoy your stay at self catering cottage Apartma Vinska Trta, and remember we are here to help you enjoy your holiday, and make the most of your stay. You’re Welcome!