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Team Vinska Trta

Jasmina & Martin


About Us

We are Jasmina and Martin, a Croat and a Slovenian. We live in Velika Dolina, just 3 kilometers away from the accommodation. Although we are both employed in public administration, one in Croatia and the other in Slovenia – and our son studies in Klagenfurt – we manage to take care of a smaller family farm and holiday apartments.

There is a lot to do, but there is always time for a person to do things that fill their soul and strengthen their body. We are members of a local sports association, where we happily attend training sessions in the gym and outdoors, cycle and run.

In the small village of Ribnica, just a good shot from the springs of Čatež, a cottage stood on its own. It used to be an outbuilding by the vineyard. We decided to build a holiday accommodation here. The two of us were growing ever distant because of work, and we wanted the opportunity to work together as a family.

We set ourselves high goals and our guests are given high standards of quality. We have personally selected a team of professional photographers to make the photos of our accommodation as close to real as possible, so you can see at any time what awaits you on the property and the surrounding area.

We always strive to help our guests and improve their tourist experience. We are proud that many of our guests have recognized this and given us more than 200 positive reviews.

We want you to enjoy your stay at our accommodation Apartma Vinska Trta, which is situated within nature, surrounded by vineyards, meadows and hilly surroundings, and with friendly people. Just as we enjoy welcoming you among us and offering you the wealth of nature and experience in the beautiful Posavje region, which connects the Krka and Sava rivers, Styria and Dolenjska, Slovenia and Croatia.

We look forward to helping you plan an unforgettable vacation in Slovenia and Croatia.