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From Čatež across Šentviška gora to Veliki Cirnik

Šentviška gora or Church of St. Vid (386 m) is an extremely popular excursion point for the citizens of the municipality of Brežice and you are invited to read, to find out why.

Not far away from the old town of Brežice to the south, the view stops at a hill with a church called “Šentvid”. Šentvid offers countless paths and trails, so each conquest of it can be different. You can choose the “direct” way to the top and conquer it in a good 25 minutes, or you can choose a more gradual ascent and ring the church bell at the top after a 1 hour and 15 min walk. No matter which path we choose, the markings will always lead us in the right direction to the top, where a view of the entire Krško-Brežice field awaits us. Let’s not forget to mention that we can also choose Čatež’s energy path, where energy vortices accompany us along the way.

In the background of Šentviška gora stretches the slope of Goli Cirnik, whose highest peak is Goli – or more correctly – Veliki Cirnik (621 m). The mountain trail from Šenvid is marked well. We follow the signs from the village of Žejno to Veliki Cirnik. In the gallery, you will see white dots in the photos, which I followed when conquering Veliki Cirnik directly from the village of Žejno, past the village playground through Bambreg. The Brežice mountain trail, which runs across Šentviška gora, also leads to Veliki Cirnik. The website of the local mountaineering association of Brežice describes the course of the trail in more detail.

At the top of Veliki Cirnik, benches with tables are waiting for us at the bivouac “Pri veseli Micki”, where we can calm down and enjoy the nature and views that surround us.

Some basic information for the conquest of Veliki Cirnik from Čatež ob Savi:

  • Starting point: Čatež ob Savi
  • Difficulty: easy marked path
  • Length: 6 km
  • Walking time: 2 h 20 min (average pace)
  • Recommended time of year to visit: all seasons

The trip is suitable for hiking and family trips, as the trail is also suitable for children.

Author: Sara Gregl

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Trip to Lisca, the pearl of Posavje

Our Posavje hills have a special touch, which may win you over at first, but if not, they will enchant you with the second step. Lisca is certainly one of the most striking peaks of the Posavje hills, with its height of 947 meters above sea level. It is an extremely popular excursion point, as it enables conquest for more fitness affine as well as less prepared recreationists with several starting points.

Lisca offers hiking, climbing and cycling trails, as well as being accessible by car. However, we prefer to focus on conquering Lisca “on foot”. The mountain trails are nicely and clearly marked, so there is no reason to be afraid to stray from the path. My favourite route is from Krakovo (starting point). The trail leads us through forests, villages and meadows, and in good weather conjures up views far and wide.

Just below the top, the path leads us past the church of St. Jošt, from where it is only a few minutes to the top of Lisca. Two mountain huts, Tončkov dom and Jurkova koča greet us at the top. Where they instantly have an excellent culinary offer, from classic mountain menus to a little more modern cuisine, pancakes :=). At the highest point, just a minute away from the hut, is one of the two radar meteorological stations in Slovenia.

In good weather, Lisca offers views all the way to Triglav and the admiration of paragliders, which together with the wind have the Posavje in the palm of your hand. The conquered peak will also enrich the “green” Diary of the Slovenian mountain trail, as it is one of the peaks of the Extended Slovenian mountain trail.

Here are some basic facts about conquering Lisca from Krakovo:

  • Starting point: Krakovo (Mastnak wine cellar; arranged parking lot opposite the cellar)
  • Difficulty: easy marked path
  • Length: 4 km
  • Walking time: 1 h 45 min (average pace)
  • Recommended time of year to visit: all seasons

In any case, we must not forget that there is also a bench of love on Lisca, which we can already find on quite a few Slovenian peaks. So, if the above didn’t convince you yet, let me mention that the location of the bench itself offers a kind of privacy where you can enjoy the views of the hills that open up in front of you, and you feel like you have them in the palm of your hands in an instant.

Author: Sara Gregl

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A trip to the Brežice accumulation lake

A trip to the Brežice accumulation lake – the “Brežice Sea”

For some, it is a paradise on the other side of the world, but for me, it is our “Brežice sea”. Here time stops, as the walking path along the Sava offers quite a few kilometres, where the river and the sky meet; an oasis of blue.

If you are a fan of walking paths where you stay at the same altitude, then this is the perfect location for your recreation. The lake with its two banks, the “Styrian” and “Carniolan” sides, offers a beautifully landscaped path, suitable for walking, running or cycling.

The Styrian side of the lake has a 6.5 km long route that stretches from the Brežice Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) to the dams of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). In the direction of the Krško NPP, we have the Sava on our left side, and almost within arm’s reach, on the right side first Vrbina and in the distance the centre of Brežice. The trail is worth visiting in fine, sunny weather, especially when it is not very windy. It is in the open, and on windy days it can spoil our idyllic time there. Therefore, it is advisable to check the weather forecast prior, to have the best from our trip.

We will be accompanied by swans and ducks all the way, and we can also spot a common tern and a river gull. The four artificial islands located in the central part of the accumulation lake take care of the fauna. The islands serve as resting places for waterbirds, as only there can they find peace.

The proposed trip is suitable for very active, as well as not so fit individuals and families. We can turn around at any time and return to Brežice HPP, to the starting point.

Some basic information for the “Styrian part” of the route from the Brežice HPP to the Krško NPP dams:

  • Length: 6.5 km one way, a total of 13 km
  • Walking time: 2.5 h (average pace)

If all this has not yet convinced you, our “Brežice sea” is just behind Lake Ptuj in total surface area. It is the second-largest lake in Slovenia, it is as big as two lake Bled’s. Why this is a paradise on earth – where nature can charm one to forget for a few moments about everyday things – can be found in the picture gallery.

The Carniolan side is still in need of exploration, and a contribution will be featured in a future follow up.

Author: Sara Gregl

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We received the GREEN & SAFE badge

We received the GREEN & SAFE badge!

For us, this means a commitment to responsible, green and safe tourism.

At a time of uncertainty due to the emergence of the new coronavirus, we are aware that success in the tourism industry depends on the guests’ trust that they can spend their holidays with us and not endanger their health and safety.

The fact that the Slovenian health and hygiene standards incorporated in the GREEN & SAFE Responsible Travel Standards communication platform are compliant with standardised global hygiene protocols for safe travel is also confirmed by the Safe Travels badge from the WTTC.

Dear Traveller, we are proud to have received the GREEN & SAFE badge and the Safe Travels [WTTC] global badge, thus committing ourselves to maintain and increasing responsible travel standards in tourism.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your holidays. You can also do your part by following the health recommendations:

  • even if you’re healthy, keep a safe distance from other people – at least 1.5 meters
  • wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, use soap and water. Hand disinfection is mandatory in enclosed public spaces
  • don’t touch your face with unwashed or not disinfected hands, especially your eyes, nose and mouth
  • if soap isn’t available, use hand disinfectant containing 60% – 80% alcohol
  • thoroughly air enclosed spaces several times per day
  • if the spread of respiratory infections and COVID-19 increases, avoid enclosed spaces and large gatherings of people
  • follow the information and recommendations of health professionals
  • practice respiratory hygiene / cough etiquette. Dispose of tissues in a waste bin after every use, then wash your hands with soap and water
  • if you start showing signs of acute respiratory infection, such as a runny nose, feeling unwell, muscle pain, fever and a cough, take care of yourself and others! Notify the reception. Do not stay in rooms with other people, do not go on trips or participate in other activities
  • the mouth and nose must be consistently covered with a protective mask in all enclosed public spaces as well as outdoors wherever it is not possible to maintain a social distance of 2 meters

Through activities based on safety, responsibility and sustainability, we increase guests’ confidence that Slovenia is a green and responsible tourist destination.

Welcome to the Green Story of Slovenia 💚💚💚

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