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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If the answer to your question is not here, feel free to drop us a line.

Where is Terme Čatež located?

The water park is located at Terme Čatež d.d., Topliška 35, 8250 Brežice, Slovenia
If you use satellite navigation, you may find yourself on very strange routes. We always recommend that you disregard satellite navigation when approaching 5 kilometers from Terme Čatež and just follow the signs.

You may be surprised at how rural it is around Terme Čatež. The water park is located between the fields, along the Sava River in front of the town Brežice – a beautiful picturesque town worth visiting.
So why not spend a day more here and enjoy what Posavje has to offer.

Where can I get cheaper tickets for Terme Čatež?

Cheap tickets for Terme Čatež can be obtained in several ways;

The best place to buy is directly at Terme Čatež. This may sound strange, but if you ask for a “LOYALTY CARD” (Slovenian “KARTICA ZVESTOBE”) when buying tickets at the reception of the Thermal Riviera as part of their loyalty program, they will give you one free entry to the winter or summer Thermal Riviera every time you collect ‘6 thermal drops’. you receive them when you buy tickets for the Winter or Summer Thermal Riviera. The discount does not apply to group tickets, tickets with discounts already included, pre-sale tickets and tickets for the Sauna Park.

Other places where you can find tickets are Slovenian websites, where you can find unique and attractive offers with big discounts and offers such as 2 for 1 and similar. You can also access similar offers at the Petrol and OMV service stations.

Are Terme Čatež closed during the winter?

In short, NO.

The Terme Čatež water park offers 365 days of thermal pampering in the Winter Thermal Riviera and from the end of April to the end of September in the Summer Thermal Riviera. Detailed information on the operation of the Summer Thermal Riviera is available at this link.

Is Terme Čatež close to the railway station?

Although they are a bit further from the railway station in Brežice (6 kilometers), there is a bus connection or taxi transport throughout the day.

Which Terme Čatež hotel is best?

Well, definitely ‘Apartments Vinska Trta’!

If you prefer that your stay is more like the atmosphere of a pleasant home, rather than a tourist crowd – Come and stay with us 🙂

When is Terme Čatež busy?

It’s probably best to ask, ‘When is Terme Čatež quiet?’

The best times to visit are as follows;

Early in the season (not Easter)
In the middle of the week
When the kids are in school
When rain is forecast. You’ll get wet, but you won’t have to wait in line!

Are Terme Čatež suitable for toddlers?

Yes! The younger ones will enjoy the Pirate Island and given the fact that you will be with them for a few hours, you will probably like it too.

Where can I park at Terme Čatež?

It is best to park in the official parking lot. Of course it will be free. Most likely, the official parking lots will already be full, so you will have to park right at the beginning on the green next to the football field. The entrance to the Summer Thermal Riviera will be just under 200 meters away.

Are pets allowed?

Yes for free, we allow two dogs per unit, see our general terms and conditions for more information.

Are bed linen and towels available in the accommodation?

Yes, bed linen and towels are available for the duration of your stay at no extra charge.

When is check-in and check-out possible?

Check-in is from 16:00 until 23:00, and check-out is until 10:00. At least 2 days before arrival, let us know the approximate time of arrival, so that we can receive you in person and provide you with a quick check-in.

Is there a parking space at the Apartment Vinska Trta?

Yes, in front of the accommodation there is parking space for 4 cars, free of charge.

Is there a washing machine and dryer in the accommodation?

Yes, there is a washer-dryer in both units.

Do you have a grill, an outdoor table and seats?

Yes, there are two outdoor charcoal grills available for guests. Both are brick, one is located in front of the terrace of the lower Studio, and the other is right in the garden next to a large wooden picnic table with seating for 8 people. On the terrace of the lower apartment there is a table with chairs for 4 people. There is a table with 8 seats on the balcony of the upper apartment. Each unit also has one parasol and deck chairs for all persons.

In the garden, on the lawn, 50 meters from the cottage, there is an open combustion chamber outdoors with a bench for hanging out late into the night.

Are there basic necessities in the accommodation?

Yes, almost all basic necessities await you in the accommodation. The kitchen has paper towels, coffee, tea, salt, pepper, sugar, spices, sponges and cleaning agents. The bathroom has liquid hand soap, liquid body soap, toilet paper and cleaning agents.

How do you accept payment?

When booking directly, we require a deposit of 30% of the total amount as standard. 10% is non-refundable and covers administration costs. The remaining part of the payment must be made 14 days before arrival. If the reservation is cancelled more than 30 days before arrival, we will refund 20% of the amount. If the reservation is cancelled less than 30 days, we will not refund the money. For last minute bookings (up to 14 days before arrival), full payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable or not entitled to a refund. The reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the confirmation email and voucher. The deposit can be paid in cash or by bank transfer – without transaction costs, and via PayPal or with payment cards: American Express, Diners Club, Discover Card, Visa and Mastercard – you will be charged a fee.

Do you offer breakfast in the apartment?

No. For our guests who want breakfast, this is available at the Marche restaurant in Jesenice na Dolenjskem, at a discount (3 km away).

Can a GIFT VOUCHER be purchased from you as a special occasional gift?

Great idea! Why not give someone something special, something a little different. Treat and pamper your loved ones with a personalized Gift Voucher.